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Just Jess

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History

11 December 1967
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Jess is a freelance writer who has recently found herself transplanted from her home in the Pacific Northwest to the wilds of Massachusetts, and then again to the deserts of Arizona.

Her first novel, In Northern Twilight, was published by White Wolf in November of 2004, and she is a regular contributer to Renaissance Magazine. As well, she's working on a comic book with the fabulous Rebecca Woods.

Of late, Jess has been writing game material for White Wolf. Her published works include contributions to Predators (Werewolf: The Forsaken), World of Darkness:Skinchangers, Compass of the Celestial Directions: Blessed Isle (Exalted), all four of the Promethean: The Created supplements, The Free Council and Mysterium (Mage: the Awakening), Scion: Demigod and Scion: God, Changeling: The Lost, Autumn Nightmares (C:TL) and World of Darkness: Reliquary, for which she was the developer as well as a contributing author.

She also does freelance editing for the RPG industry. She edited The Lemurian Candidate, an Etherscope adventure by Andrew Kenrick (aka littlestkobold which was nominated for an ENnie at GenCon 2006, and is currently working on the editing of Rogue Games' new product - Thousand Suns.

Jess is happily married to her favorite satyr, Patrick, and is the mother of three wonderful children.