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In which we boggan...

Life's been weird (even for me) of late. For those who missed the earlier post, our family is returning to the great Pacific Northwest. Well, that's partly right. Part of our family has already returned there; the Viking arrived in Portland approximately a month ago and began his new job with the City of Gresham about that time. The Valkyrie and I are still down here in Arizona, working on selling the house and trying not to go crazy.

So, the two months before The Viking left were spent with both of us working our fannies off on the house, getting it ready to sell. The month since then has been filled with the Valkyrie and I living on tenterhooks, keeping the house constantly show-ready. Unfortunately, the market being what it is, we've had a grand total of one showing, the week the house went on the market... for the last month? Nothing.

So, as you do with any situation, we've begun to adapt to our new lifestyle. Things remain "could have it show-ready in an hour" tidy, but we're not quite as insanely fastidious as we were when it first started. You just can't live like that, day after day, and not go a little bonkers. One of the things we didn't do much of the first month the house was on the market, was cook. I mean, we cooked, of course - girls have got to eat. But it was a lot of instant meals, a lot of eating out or bringing home something. Nothing that was going to mess up the kitchen or require much in the way of clean up.

Yeah, you can imagine how well that worked, me being a boggan and all.

Today, all that went out the window.

You see, I had this bowl of fruit...
More details on the cooking of both lemon curd and marmalade in the next post...


Lady Marmalady?