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A Year in Geekitude...

(Cross-posted from my blog - my apologies to those who saw it there... I know some of my LJ friends visit, but others are pretty LJ-centric, which is cool too.)

A year ago, there was no such thing as One Geek To Another. Created just after Gen Con 2009, One Geek was started as a way to address etiquette and ethics topics for the geek community, including--but not limited to--the gaming community. My friend, Martin Henley describes it as "If Ms. Manners rolled mad D20s, that would be One Geek to Another..." And I'm pretty darned happy with the description.

Over the past 11 months, I've answered dozens of letters, publicly and privately, and touched on some hard topics, all in the name of smoothing some of the social rough-edges that we geeks are infamous for.

In honor of One Geek To Another being nominated for an ENnie Award in the category of Best Blog (please consider voting, if you haven't already) I thought I'd bring out our first year's worth of topics in one easy-to-scan summary. Each topic contains a hyperlink to that particular episode, and the full list can be accessed through the One Geek To Another entry in the left hand menu.

Feel free to browse our past episodes, and as always, if you have a question for One Geek, or a topic you'd like to see covered, feel free to write OneGeek@jesshartley.com. I'd love to hear from you!

A Year of Geekitude - One Geek To Another, Presented in Chronological Order of Publication

Introduction and Introductions - The Premiere Episode of One Geek To Another addresses proper introduction etiquette and why it's important even in casual settings (like conventions or the gaming table.)

How Do We Split Up The Party? - A reader writes in for advice on how to ask a problematic player to leave their gaming group.

Texting Etiquette - We geeks love our tech, and many are more comfortable communicating via electronic methods than face-to-face. But when and where is texting okay, and what's just not?

Fed Up In The Office - Many workplaces allowing, or encourage, employees to eat at thier work-stations, desks or cubicles. A reader seeks advice on how to deal with a co-worker's odorous lunch choices.

Persistance Versus Annoyance - Where's the line between? Helpful rules, guidelines and tips about how not to be "that guy".

When to Speak Up - Hearing non-geeks insult cosplayers on the street, a reader asks for advice on when to step in and say something on another geek's behalf.

Twitters and Tweets - Arguably one of the hottest social media out there, here's some tips on how to use Twitter in a way that won't drive away your "Tweeps".

Keeping IC and OOC Separate - Relationships between two characters aren't uncommon at the gaming table. A reader writes for advice on handling pressure to take an IC relationship across to Out-of-Character involvement

Stuff and Things - A quick guide on handling other's valued possessions (dice, game books, collectables) with the respect they deserve.

Fair Play - At the game table, one expects the GameMaster/StoryTeller to be a fair and impartial authority, but a reader seeks advice on how to handle it when that expectation isn't met.

The Dope on Soap - The ultimate "shouldn't-need-to-be-said-but-does" topic: Hygiene

Writing Rut - Filled with self-doubt, a reader asks for advice on coming up with original story ideas.

Geeky Dress Codes - Dressing appropriately for the occasion, when the occasion calls for something beyond jeans and t-shirts with movie quotes.

Networking and Cross-promotion - From blogs to businesses, everyone can benefit from good PR. A reader writes for suggestions on how to handle asking for help with publicity from others in the field.

Parenting Etiquette - As more and more gamers are raising families of their own, the issue of how to juggle parental duties and recreational events becomes more challenging to handle.

Crossgender Play - A reader asks for advice on how to handle an antagonistic player at the table whose mean-streak seems to come out only when playing the opposite sex.

Gift Giving Etiquette - In a pre-holiday episode, we discuss the sometimes-touchy topic of presents - who to give to, what to give, and how to avoid the biggest gift-giving No-no's.

Online Gaming Courtesy - Not all games take place around a table. A reader writes in seeking help with dealing with no-shows, late arrivals and other virtual gaming faux pas.

Guest Blog - Author Gloria Weber visits One Geek To Another to discuss the do's and don'ts that will help you get your short story published.

Handling the Progeny - A frustrated reader expresses their unhappiness with encountering young children at gaming trade shows and other industry professional events, and asks for advice on how to deal with the same.

Plugging In - An encounter with a fiesty librarian leads us to ask - where and when is it okay to "plug in" to "public" electric or wifi systems?

Game-stopping Braggarts - Tired of hearing how cool her friends' characters are, a reader writes to ask how to get them to get back to the gaming, rather than talking about it.

How to Fail Gracefully - After an unexpected hiatus, One Geek handles the topic of how to deal with having not dealt well with something.

Dr. Gamer and Ms. Hyde - Sometimes, despite your best efforts, someone brings out the worst in even the most reasonable person. Pushed to the brink of their good graces, a reader writes for advice on dealing with "that person" when the rest of the group just shrugs it off.

Geek Solidarity - LARPers vs. Tabletoppers. Trekies vs. Star Wars fans. Cosplayers vs. Wargamers. And everyone versus Furries. Dealing with perceived hierarchies of social strata in the geek community

Kamakazi Courtesy - There's more to geek recreation than just gaming - here's some tips on proper etiquette for another popular geek-out event: karaoke

No Room At The Con - Faced with choosing a room-mate for an upcoming convention, a reader asks for advice on turning down one offer without hurting anyone's feelings