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Well, I wanted to make sure to share here too, for my friends who don't do Twitter or Facebook (I'm JessHartley on both, by the way).

We're moving back to Oregon!

Pat was offered (and accepted) a position as the Chief Information Officer for the City of Gresham. He starts in about a month, and the Valkyrie and I will be following soon thereafter, depending on how soon we can sell the house.

We're very excited, this is a very good thing for us!

We could use some help, however - We own our own home here in Arizona, and the housing market is rough. We don't know how long it will take to sell the house here, so we will have to rent in Gresham for a while. But, as homeowners for the last 15 years, it's been a while since we've had to worry about the fact that we have pets (1 dog and 3 cats). We're looking for a rental in the downtown Gresham area that will be more concerned with the fact that we have impeccable credit, and awesome employment history and great references than the fact that we have four-footed family members.  If any of you know of someone looking for super-cool dependable and responsible renters, please let us know!

Thanks, and to all our NW friends - see you soon!


I have no contacts out there, but the best of good thoughts and luck to you!
Thank you!
OMGThat is such freaking great news! I hope your house sells quickly, and that you find a new place.

We demand visits, too.
Well, duh, darlin! You and Wade are high on our list of "OMG, we're going to be back in the same area as them!" squeeful folks!
Great News. Maybe we can see you again.
See note to Corbaegirl! Can't wait to see you and Mama again!
From what I remember, a lot of OR landlords do a "Pet deposit" on animals over 75 lbs.
Our experience, thus far is that the majority of decent apartments or homes don't allow pets at all. Most of those that do, limit the number (We have three cats and one dog) or the type (only cats or only dogs) or the size (20 pounds or under for a dog - as the Viking says, that's not a dog - that's a big rat.)

We've found a few that allow pets with a substantial deposit, which is fine, but they've been in the wrong areas, or in an unsafe part of town.
I don't have any contacts there that I'm aware of, but maybe try posting in this thread?

And yay for the move!
Thank you for the tip! I posted there, and looked through it to see if/where I could help others!
Congrats! (:
I'll keep my eye out for you.

Very excited you're moving back. :) Hopefully we'll get more actual face time this go around.
I'd appreciate that, and I'd love to get the chance to hang out more this time round! :)
Drop him a line at pat@teknoviking.com!
That's great news :D
Great news! Congratulations to Pat!

Good luck!

(And the comment Pat made about a dog 20 pounds or smaller being 'a big rat' instead of a dog made me laugh - my dad has said much the same thing on more than one occasion. :)
Awesome! That's exciting. I hope the move goes well.

Poke Dan, he might know something. He lives there.
OMG!!! Yay!!! Visits? Please!


How odd. I am in Enterprise OR right now, on a road trek to Seattle and Portland....Hope you are well, and glad to return to OR!

Re: Oregon?

How funny! What great serendipity, eh? We're doing great, and thrilled to return to OR! :)

Re: Oregon?

Best to V and V, then; it would be lovely to see you all.


Blessing on this grand adventure!
Cool! It'll be great to have you back in state! We should get together... my sweetie and the viking can geek out.