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In Which we talk about the ENnies (again)...

Voting has opened for the ENnie awards, which is arguably the most prestigious award system in the non-video gaming industry.

What are the ENnies?

Hosted by EN World, the awards are presented at Gen Con, in Indianapolis, in early August.

There is an amazing selection of fantastic nominations this year. One of the coolest things about working in this industry is that every year I have a little broader pool of people that I can call my friends and co-workers whose names I see represented in awards such as these.

I'm thrilled to say that projects I helped write have been nominated again this year - two products I worked on for White Wolf and one for 12 to Midnight. As well, this year for the first time I've been nominated for an independent project, which was a singular and unexpected honor.

How does the Voting Work?

The selection process for the ENnies can be a bit confusing, and I've had folks ask for information on how it works. Here's a quick run-down:

Creators submit their products to the ENnies for consideration. A panel of five judges work their way through all of the submissions, and pick their top five choices in each category (in the case of Product of the Year, ten choices). A month before Gen Con, these nominations are made public. A week later, voting opens to the public. Everyone can vote (one vote per person, regulated by IP address). After 9 days, the votes are tallied, and the winners (gold and silver in each category) are announced at the ENnies Award Ceremony at Gen Con.

When Can I Vote?

Now! Voting opens on July 16th and closes on July 25th. The winners (gold and silver in each category) are announced August 6th at the Award Ceremony at Gen Con Indy.

But how do I support you?

First of all, thanks! I really appreciate the support of my friends, family and those who have read and enjoyed my writing

You can support my projects and me as a writer by voting - it's simple, it's free, and it will take less than a minute (assuming their servers hold up - so far they've been a bit iffy, so don't be surprised if you have to try a few times before getting into the site.)

To support my work in the ENnies this year, click HERE. There's no complicated log-in required, you don't have to give any information.

Voting is simple; use the drop-down menu beside each item you'd like to vote for and give it a rank (1 for best, 2 for next, and so on.) You can vote for as many or few categories as you'd like and for as many or few items in that category as you'd prefer.

My work is represented directly in four categories this year, and tangentially in two others.

Best Blog - One Geek To Another, my geek etiquette and advice blog - this is my first independent product that's received an ENnie nomination, and I'm thrilled. Check out current and back episodes here.

Best Setting - Goblin Markets is a Changeling: The Lost project that I worked on with Ethan Skemp and Alex Scokel for White Wolf. It's a .pdf only project, which makes it even more exciting to see in a non-electronic-only category.


Best Regalia - Regalia is an interesting category that includes all kinds of things that are game related but aren't actual games themselves. This year, a fiction anthology which I contributed to was nominated. Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas contains my ghost story, Stigmatized Property, along with the works of a dozen other very talented writers.

Product of the Year - It's interesting to see a game get nominated for Product of the Year, even when it didn't get nominated in any specific category beyond that. Geist: The Sin-Eaters is a really cool all around game, and it was a pleasure to work on.

Best Website - Pen and Paper Games is not my website. I don't run it, nor am I officially a part of it. But, they (along with Ideology of Madness) were kind enough to syndicate my blog, One Geek to Another, which allowed it to be read by folks it might not have otherwise reached. Because of this, supporting Pen and Paper Games is tangentially supporting my work. 

Fan's Choice Publisher - While the two publishers that I helped write ENnie-nominated products for are not on this list, another publisher that I have written for (and plan to do so again in the future is. Margaret Weiss Productions has treated me very well as a freelancer, and supporting a publisher helps support the writers who they hire to create products.

I hope that you'll take the time to explore all of the categories and products offered, and thank you again for your support. While I won't be at Gen Con this year, I encourage those of you who can attend to do so. It's an amazing adventure and any gamer should get the chance to do so at least once.

Thanks again!


The 'no logging in, no information required' part makes me worried about stuffing, but I admit that the convenience makes me happy.
I believe they track IP addresses but I can't claim to be an expert on the technicalities...
Voted! good luck!
Aw, man, I didn't realize you wouldn't be at GenCon. Sadness!! :(
Sadly, Gen Con is scheduled the same weekend as my High School Reunion, and my plan was to attend that instead. And then, when that didn't turn out to be feasible, it's such short notice that I just can't justify $600 airfare, several hundred for lodging, another almost-hundred for a badge, plus incidentals on the spur of the moment. And this late, all the shops I would normally have approached to try to barter booth-work/support for crash space and badge are already full up on help. *sad me*
Ouch, I'm sorry that neither of those things worked out. I'll raise a glass for you!
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